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Darts & Overly Erect (More on Kwik Sew 2526)

The extension on the dart is too short to be sewn into the sideseam on my t-shirt if pressed down. This is a big issue for me. The dart extensions make the fabric requirements much greater than if they aren’t there. I’ve played with the idea of pressing the dart up, takes less fabric. I haven’t done that, but I have serged off the excess fabric. I’m going to do that on this t-shirt. I wonder what I was planning when I cut this one out.

I stand very straight. Sandra Betzina calls this “figure flaw” overly erect. Who knew that good posture was a figure flaw? In the past, I haven’t done anything about it, but I’m noticing that the front of my tops is affected by the extra length in my upper back. So on my next top, I’m going to try taking out a bit there. It’s kinda a pain because I won’t be shortening the front, and this means that I’ll have to take a wedge out of the sleeve.

I think one of the reasons that I like Kwik Sew 2565 so much is that the sleeve is symmetric, so there is less length in the upper back.

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