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I saw some embroidered flip flops so I am sitting down to my Embird and designing custom fit pair for guess who ME. Got the sole part done now for the tough part the top. Will keep you posted. Plan to use contact cemented yoga mat soles for the bottom. Sandy

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Comment by Sandy Fuller on January 22, 2010 at 6:52am
Husband is worst than a kid. I don't like this I want. 2 days have been in the mood to sew, took all day to get my pattern punched off(I lay a towel on the table, take brown paper, then the pattern and punch all the lines and such with a large sewing needle and I have my pattern) No sewing today have to travel up to the farm and do something my husband should have done 3 months ago and of course coming down to the wire and NOW WE HAVE TO DO IT. Will raid my stash pile there and bring more back down to the new place, just wish I could pick up my sewing room like the house in Wizard of Oz and plop where I need it. Haven't even got near the tops of the flip flops but will get to them maybe at the farm.
Comment by Larri on January 19, 2010 at 7:10am
I can't wait to see these! I'm not a flip-flop wearer, but these might change my mind :o)

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