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I recently treated myself to a local workshop to create my own version of this lovely hand embroidered panel.  

It was inspired by this book which I have now bought for myself.  You can take a look inside with Amazon here.  It involves putting a wash of fabric paint (I used Dylon Fabric Paint) on the material to create the background, then adding hand embroidery.  

The skyline - the tree trunks are worked in straight stitch, their foliage in detached fly stitches. The hedge is in french knots in varying sizes.

The flowers - the cornflowers are worked in straight stitch fans with a green V at the base. The poppies are red horizontal straight stitches with a couple of vertical stitches in black in the middle.  The daisies are straight stitches with yellow french knot centres. The stems and grass ae straight stitch.

I found the corn quite awkward to do as it is achieved with a curved feather stitch.  It's not how I would have done it, but I gave it my best.  

It is finished off by adding some three dimensional flowers.  These are created by using a mix of fabric paint and pva glue on some plain cotton, then cutting out the poppy shapes, crumpling them a little then fixing them on with a few black black stitches.  

I absolutely loved doing it, very enjoyable.  I added a few daisies to mine and kept my poppies small.  It is not something I would have tried by myself, but now I have done it I think I would like to do more.  

I mounted it on card and took it to be framed.  We chose a deep frame so the poppies are not squashed, and a natural wood surround with a green backing.  I think it looks great, and it certainly reminds me of summer!

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Comment by Jean M. on February 2, 2016 at 2:45pm

Great job!! It is beautiful.

Comment by Sherry Johnson on February 2, 2016 at 11:35am

Beautiful and inspirational!

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