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IMG_1359_editedI like it. This t-shirt is the combination of 4 different patterns. KS 2565 was the starting point. I used the shape of the french darts from a burda magazine pattern. In order to cover buttus-sticks-outous*, I used a 2 piece back from NL 6977 OOP. And I morphed the neckline/neckband using another burda magazine pattern.

It’s taken me quite a while to get to this incarnation, and it’s almost perfect. I altered the french dart, yet again, to lower it a bit, and I think I would like a lower neckline. Oh, and the back neckline may be too low. Tweak this, tweak that; will it ever be perfect?

*Make that: in order to not get hung up on buttus-sticks-outous, since I don’t want to cover my beautiful butt.

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