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Holiday Embroidered Fabric Gift Labels - DIY

The stocking advent panel includes six gift labels, and we decided to use them to for the advent calendars and stockings.  I'm adding all the details as you could skip the printed label and just make your own, cutting it 6" by 3".

1.  The Label and Backing

I cut out the label and a co-ordinating back piece.  Makower have printed the cutting line, which is a pity as I would have preferred to have added a seam allowance and kept the wide border.

2.  Interfacing the Printed Label

I tried three different fusibles;

  1. Vilene S520 (similar to Pellon's Deco-Fuse) - see Comparing Vilene and Pellon
  2. Vilene S320 (more flexible than the S520, but similar to Pellon Craft Fuse) and
  3. Vilene Decovil Light, which gives fabric a flexible leather-like handle - see charmedLiebling's post on this.

The S520 was very stiff and awful to turn right side out, but did work okay. The S320 was a little less difficult to turn out, but not quite right.  The best was the Decovil Light which turned easily and felt just right.

3. Using the Back of the Label

I chose to hand embroider the name on the back of the label.  Alternatively you could print it on printable cotton, or just leave it plain.

I found a font I liked and printed it off in the right size, then used my light box to trace it onto the fabric with a Frixion pen. This cream is recycled sheeting, and I added a  piece of Vilene S13 sew-in interfacing to give it more body before embroidering.

I used this red fabric for the stockings.  It is Spectum by Makower U.K. As it was a bit more substantial than the sheeting I used Vilene G700 fusible interfacing (similar to Pellon SF101) to give a little more support for stitching. 

I used three strands of DMC and stem stitch for the name, then split stitch for the year.  The holly was done with two strands and backstitch.

4. Assembling the label

With right sides together sew with a 1/8" seam allowance, which is halfway across the printed border, not along the inner edge of it as I did above.  It came out too small and the h*** was too close to the edge!  I draw my stitching line onto the fabric to make my life easy.  I left the gap for turning out in the short end.  

Turn right side out, clip corners, trim seams and press, tucking the raw edges in. I hand stitched the opening closed.   

Then I top-stitched around the edges.  I used red thread on top and cream in the bobbin and lengthened the stitch to 3.5, then pulled the ends through and stitched them down by hand.

5. Adding the Eyelet/Grommet 

I used my rotary punch to make the holes and my Prym Vario Pliers to insert the 5mm eyelets/grommets then added a little Fray Check before inserting the eyelet.  The Prym pack includes everything you need, you don't have to have the punch and you can use a hammer in place of the pliers. 

The finished labels

I had fun adding snowflakes to this one, using three strands of floss.  I did some with star stitch and made the others up as I went along!

Here I used three strands in two shades of red plus gold metallic. I did several rows of stem stitch, (it looks plaited) then used some backstitch and running stitch to add the gold.  I really liked making the little bauble that dots the 'i' after I saw this used for sewing berries by Mary Corbet, it's called Rhodes Stitch.

Here is one of the finished printed labels, tied in place.  This lining material is 'Alpine Holiday' by Stof.  It has touches of gold so I used gold ribbon to tie it on.

This is one of the hand embroidered labels.  The lining fabric here is 'Mini Snowman Red' by Makower U.K. so I used red ribbon to tie it on.  

I think that just about covers it!

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