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Hi All,

I need to learn how to work with fur.  Real Fur.  I have been involved in  Alterations for longer than I care to remember however I have never worked with Real Fur.  I have looked on the internet etc and I though perhaps some  one out there know of a text book or video etc that can help me  Thanks  mj

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Comment by Karen on January 2, 2014 at 1:23pm

Hi Marijayne

I googled and found this page with several links and suggestions which may help.

Best of luck!

I'm still putting off making the new lining for my vintage faux leopard skin coat, as now I've repaired it the sleeves don't seem to fit so well any more! Sob!

Comment by Susan on January 2, 2014 at 8:56am

Some very good fur sewing tips from Julia Garza at Craftsy to keep in mind as you begin your fur sewing project:

"When selecting your fur, remember that the heavier the fur, the more difficult it will be to sew. If this is your first sewing project with faux fur (or any kind of fur), you might want to look for an fur with a low pile. When it’s time to cut your pattern pieces, take note of the direction of the fur: you will want it to be laying down. Make sure you cut all pattern pieces with the fur going the same way, otherwise it will be very noticeable on your finished garment. An easy way to make sure you are doing this correctly is to mark several arrows indicating the nap of the fur on the back side. You can do this with a marker or pen; it won’t show through on the right side of the fur." 


[read the rest of these great fur sewing tips right here]

Here is some more really good info from Teddy Talk on sewing with real fur:

"If you sew real fur on your machine, please make sure you change your needle to a leather needle. Also when you line your fur pieces, make sure to hand baste (I use a long over cast stitch) the muslin lining to the leather pieces. Do not glue the muslin, for that will erode the leather and the integrity of your stitches will be at risk for opening over a period of time."

[read the rest of these great REAL fur sewing tips right here]

Comment by Susan on January 2, 2014 at 8:23am

Here is a little video by Wendi Gratz that you can watch here at SWN, demonstrating how she handles FAUX fur.  I will keep looking around for REAL fur info and any more faux fur info that might be just as helpful or relevant.

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