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Gathered Ribbon Carnation hairband Tutorial

Start with a 15" length of ruffled/gathered ribbon. I found this great ribbon at MARDENS for .20 a yard "I KNOW RIGHT BARGAIN"
I thread a needle with coordinating thread and start on the end of one side of the ribbon. You will then take the ribbon and start gathering it together in a circle and sew it in place as you go to form the carnation. Set aside and start the hairband.
Cut a piece of fabric 2 x 32 and iron it in half length wise wrong sides together (just like you make your own binding). Take it to you sewing machine open it up so that you can match the two ends with right sides together and sew the ends with a 1/4 seam.
This now creates the casing for the elastic to feed through. Fold the casing back together to have it look like binding casing again so that all wrong sides are together and hidden. I then sew a straight stitch on the very edge of the open end of the casing. Leave a 1" opening to feed elastic through.
Cut a piece of 1/4 elastic 16" and feed it through with a safety pin. Sew the two ends together and close opening. Your band is now down. Sew the Ribbon Carnation to the band. Carnation hairband is now done. !!!

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