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Gave the First Glenda Bag a Makeover!

I showed my mother-in-law my first Glenda, and she asked me to make her one, as a summer bag.  I made the first bag so I could see how I got on with the pattern.   In fact the pattern and instructions were fine.  I know she liked the colours and fabrics I had used.  So rather than make another Glenda I decided to make a few changes to make this bag "hers", namely;

  • a short wide 'handbag' style handle (she won't use a shoulder strap)
  • a twist lock (the thin magnetic snap I'd fitted wasn't easy enough to use)
  • a zipper pull (the zipper pull is very small especially for stiff fingers) 

and this is what I came up with.......... 

A new look for my first Glenda!

I unpicked my stitches, reached inside and carefully removed the magnetic catch.  (This was not so bad as I had left my opening for turning on the top edge, not the bottom of the lining, and I had top-stitched it separately from the rest of the bag as I had trouble getting it right first time.)  

I decided to fit this oversized 4 screw Mulberry Style twist lock I had bought by mistake (I didn't think to check the size!) from U-Handbag.  I had never used one like this before.  The twist part was easy as it was large enough to cover the previous slits.  I cut the new slots and added more Fray-Stop, padded the area under and over the prongs with scraps of fusible fleece, then stitched it all back together again.  

For the plate on the flap very carefully cut and trimmed a slot and added Fray-Stop.  I used my rotary punch to make perforations for the four screws, then finished off by adding a little fabric glue between the plates before screwing it all together.  It worked really well.

Next I made the new 1" wide strap, using a strip of Vilene Decovil I cut two inches shorter than the finished handle so I could stitch the ends onto the flap easily.  I fitted it about 1/2" in from the seam, so it was centred over the closed bag.  I used dark blue thread on on the spool and pale blue in the bobbin and stitched a square, going over it twice.  Just to be sure (and because I thought it would look good) I added a couple of rivets.  They look a bit like officer's pips on epaulettes!

I unclipped the shoulder strap, cut a piece off and used it to make a key leash adding this blue patterned trigger hook, also fixed with rivets.  Lastly I added a split ring to the zipper pull to make it is easier to get hold of.  

I will look at buying something. A prettier pull like the pull above by Prym.  Overall I'm pleased with my results making the Glenda bag.  I hope my mother-in-law is too, as this revised Glenda will be her Christmas present!

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Comment by Karen on November 21, 2014 at 8:24am

ChrisW DesignsIn Chris W Designs week 75 of 'Bag Brag Tuesday'

Comment by Patricia on November 17, 2014 at 10:34am

I love it

Comment by Nancy Newman on November 17, 2014 at 9:54am
You'll sure make points with your Mil with this present. Good job.

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