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How does everyone store their notions? Do you have it all on shelving? Boxes? Drawers?

modest collection of notions are stored in a small latched box on my sewing table, on some small shelving attached to the wall, and a little bit inside one drawer of my sewing table. I keep my bobbins in one of those "Stack 'n Store Bobbin Towers"
and I do NOT like it at all as it keeps falling apart when I am getting a bobbin or putting one in it. My thread is on one of those thread stands. I have hooks for my scissors and measuring tapes etc.

For those of you who have HUGE notion collections, how do you keep it organized and where do you keep it all?

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Comment by Judith Mercer on January 22, 2011 at 3:00pm
P. S. I like the shelves with the hooks.  Might get the old man to do summat like this for me.  But I will have to buy secondhand shelves lol
Comment by Judith Mercer on January 22, 2011 at 2:59pm

HI, I love all these comments!!  I am the re-use, re-cycle, get-it-for-free kind of person in my sewing room!!  I use shoe boxes,  (on a ebay purchased bookcase) for fabric pieces.

I have a 6 drawer pine chest thats really too small to put many clothes in, but its perfect for my notions and nic nacs.   I have a large ex-teachers table from ebay too.

I have a standing sewing box (wooden, popular in the 60s/70s?) that holds a multitude of things.  I have recently purchased 3 for £5 plastic boxes with lids (bargain! they are stackable and a nice size)

My room is my haven.  Its not to everyone's taste, but I love old stuff and I feel very creative there.

Comment by katie on January 22, 2011 at 8:34am

My friend loves the idea of storing stuff on a pegboard, but I don't care for it as it strikes me as visual clutter...I'd rather see neat wall space.  I've read thread dries out, so I like the idea of storing thread in a plastic container.  One wonders how LONG it takes before thread dries out...but perhaps that's for another discussion thread.  I also wonder how dusty thread must get if it's out on a spool rack.  Maybe everyone else uses it up before it has a chance to get dusty, LOL.


One thing I use that I find handy is a utensil caddy, the kind I'd use if I had a picnic table.  It has space for napikins on one side, then three divided spaces on the other side for knives, forks and spoons.  I store small quilting rulers in the large opening, then the three smaller units on the other side have scissors in one, rotary cutters in another and the third is for marking pencils.  The caddy has a handle, so I can grab it and bring it from my sewing cabinet to my cutting table if need be.  The best part:  I picked it up at a garage sale!

Comment by Gloria Allender on November 17, 2010 at 5:59pm
I use plastic boxes with lids to hold elastic, ribbons, zippers, and that kind of stuff. Buttons are in several antique tins. I have these small hard plastic thread boxes for my thread. I really don't like them. They waste space, but I haven't come up with anything else yet. I found a wood organizer at a quilt shop several years ago. It sits by my sewing machine and holds scissors, sewing gauge, seam ripper, marker pens. I'm not sure what quilters would use it for, but I love it. Keeps everything I need by machine all neat & tidy. I also have one of those Clover bobbin stacker things and I'm not impressed. As someone else mentioned, it falls over easily and you can't see the color of the thread if the bobbin is less than half full.
Comment by trisha freitag on November 17, 2010 at 1:42pm
I store my regular machine thread (I'm slowly converting to all Gutermann) on one of the thread stands; extras go in a tackle box that has removable dividers. Serger thread is in several plastic shoebox-size totes. I have a cabinet with shelves that I got at WalMart and on the top shelf I have my collection of sewing machine, serger and coverstitch machine needles, button jars, tailor's chalk, sharps needles, and other small things with no specific home. I have several file boxes that I use for my lace, elastic and foldover elastic. I have other boxes that store patterns turned on their sides quite nicely. In another few tackle boxes with removable dividers I have safety pins, size labels, care and content labels, appliques, my product labels, and some buttons I bought in larger quantities. I have one tool box I use for the thread I am currently using as well as using the top tray for scissors, markers, pens, a tape measure, rotary cutters, a pincushion and small rulers. The top of the box opens and I keep open packets of sewing needles in there along with quilting pins, steel pins, and a small flat box with a magnetic pad for needles. Another plastic toolbox holds the electric scissors, tracing wheel and papers, and specialty markers. A Tupperware tote holds open tailor's chalk. A divided covered dinner plate serves to hold my pattern weights. Then, on shelves in the sewing/fabric stash room I have 11 other tackle boxes with my poly resin snaps and the snap dies. The press is on a stand my husband designed and built for me - it fits nicely in our mobile home.
In short, I have enough for a 20 foot by 20 foot room in one 8 by 10 bedroom, a full set of shelves in the other spare bedroom, a set of plastic shelves and several totes in that room, and currently on the dining room table because I am mid-project, as usual. I could use more room. A lot more room.
Comment by Susan Beck on October 30, 2010 at 1:13pm
I can't say enough about painted pegboard. The rest of my stuff is not organized in a way I would like, but the stuff on the pegboard is perfect, I can see it, I can find it! My pegboards were easy to make, cut, painted and framed.
Comment by Susan on October 29, 2010 at 7:56am
Oh my! My little itty bitty notion collection pales in comparison to some of your collections LOL! I love the idea of recycled kitchen cabinets... yeah... My sewing table is a big old desk too. I love it.
Comment by Marsha Egleston on October 29, 2010 at 5:35am
Ahh..notions. I just moved my sewing room/art studio from one room of my small apartment to a brighter room. So have been organizing everything yet again. MY notions are in different containers as I find things to use. My spools of thread are in drawers; whites in a stack of 3 drawers I got from my mom's things; old wooden spools that I use for hand sewing are in the vintage metal hanging shelves; other older spools are in a vintage sewing machine drawer section that came from a cabinet; and the newer spools are in a filing cabinet drawer. My scissors, rotary cutters, markers, etc. are in vintage flower pots as are some of my favorite buttons. My small embellishments are in rotating spice racks. Everything else is in stackable tote drawers.
Comment by Susann Carlson on October 29, 2010 at 2:20am
My notions have taken on a life by themselves, like socks in the dryer, so I had to get creative to maintain control over their growth. Also, there was a problem involving a chimney sweep, our furnace stack, and 17 cubic yards of pure soot a few years ago, and we learned that NOTHING is as pervasive as airborne carbon.

I have a novelty sewing tin that I keep all my "must have" utensils in --- those things I use no matter the machine or sewing task: scissors, measuring tape, Sewer's Friend, needle threader, a couple of empty bobbins, etc. This I grab and take with me wherever I am working.

I have a Sterilite 7-drawer craft card on wheels that I keep all my scissors, needles, bobbins, adhesive spray, serger thread caps, and everything else I use. I can move this on its wheels from room to room (it easily slides under my dinning room table). It is great, and cost $35.

I have a set of four large Sterilite drawers which can be purchased individually or as a set. I have four drawers, and in them I keep all my trims, elastic, seam tape, blanket binding, ribbon, rick-rack, buttons, etc. in gallon zip-lock bags. I label each zip-lock bag, writing its contents with permanent marker on the top tab. I stack these bags up-right, like file folders, and can quickly flip through them finding the bag with contents I need. It is a great, easy, flexible system that keep everything VISIBLE and CLEAN. It is just the best way to store buttons! Because you can see through the bag, you don't have to open it and dig around. "There's the blue button I want, and there are three of them," or "I thought I had a turquoise zipper; did I already use it?" In one drawer I keep my stabilizers, and in another I keep batting.

I sew on an old, oak schoolteacher's desk, which is huge. In the file drawer I keep my serger, and can set it on one of the two pull-out extensions on either side. I purchased a wooden leg from my hardware store, and pop it under the extension holding the serger for extra support (which it really doesn't need - as it is very sturdy.) In the drawers I keep my embroidery machine hoops, design CDs, and projects, as well as thread. I have cup hooks screwed into the sides which hold my rulers. The leg area is so deep that I've built shelves in it, and my AccuQuilt cutter and templates are kept there. I found this desk on the curb left by a neighbor for garbage pick-up. It cost me nothing, and holds everything. It measures 40" X 60". This desk is a wonderful work surface, and I highly recommend it for any crafter. On the back of it, I have hinged a large piece of one inch plywood which I pull up when I need a large cutting area. I place two legs, again purchased for $3 each at the hardware store, under this large 28" X 60" extension to hold it up when in use. Each of my machines has its own rolling storage cart, which can be rolled under the desk, or into a closet.
Comment by Mary Lou on October 28, 2010 at 8:13pm
pegboards, plastic tubs, cookie tins(refurbed with paint etc.) thread racks, bobbin boxes and bobbin buddies. If it can hold a notion, I'm sure I use it.

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