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HUNT for reversible fabrics - MAKE this great little jacket

One of the most fun parts of doing the Sewing Expos is seeing all the neat clothing on our fashion-conscious customers! Often self-created, but
also store-bought (RTW = Ready-To-Wear). I always keep my camera handy
and when I ask permission, most often the wearer is flattered and I get
to take pictures. This is really where I get lots of the ideas that end
up in my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Talking Patterns™. I honestly
forget if this gal was at the Novi or the Chantilly shows I just
completed, but the 'dust has settled' and I'm wading through ideas I got
at those shows.
Check out this jacket - it is a single knit - meaning that the crosswise edge WILL curl - usually to the right side -
and that means also that the knit itself looks like stockinette stitch
on one side, vertical, and horizontal ribs on the reverse side. That
being said, this jacket was made of one of those knits which, in
addition, had a different character on both sides - dark grey heather on
one side and lighter grey on the other. Anyway - FIRST- a straight
UN-pleated strip of the same fabric, with the opposite side up - about
1.5" wide was stitched down along the hemline, stitching about 3/4" from
the top raw edge. . (To keep the knit body from stretching out of
shape ala 'roller coaster' look, I would advise STAYING where you are
going to stitch, on the INSIDE with Straight Fusible Stay Tape.)
Then - kinda like all the rag quilts, the 3/4" edge above the
stitching was simply cut into every 1/2" or so perpendicularly TO the

THEN - the box-pleated row ruffle was added on top - opposite side of the fabric 'up'. The 'ruffle' was really box
pleated row of trim - cut about 2.5" wide, cut edge 'finishing' both
edges. If I were going to mark and stitch all that, I would certainly
make use of the Simflex Gauge to do the marking - as this wonderful crazy tool automatically evenly spaces things.
It appeared to be stitched about 1/2" from the top edge, right on top
of the other trim's stitching, and then the opposite side flopped down
over top of the stitching creating the 'double' row of light colored
fabric you see. Remember- raw edges everywhere, as knits do NOT ravel!

Look at the collar - it appeared to be a double layer - with 'wrong' or light sides together, simply stitched about 1/4" away from all the

Next, check out the little gathered ruffle, raw edge, stuck into the top of the sleeve cap seam. Then, the diagonal row of
embellishment down the center fronts appeared to be a hand-whipped strip
of rolled fabric.

Finally, up the Center Back, it was stitched wrong sides together, seam allowance exposed on the right side to
emphasize a nice slimming vertical line. RAW edges again!

So thanks - whoever you were - I lost your name, sorry! But be sure we appreciate your great taste i RTW!
If you find a great reversible knit online, post it as a comment for the rest of us here at this post. Remember, I must approve all posts before
they show up - so feel free to send me a quick email alerting me that
you posted.

Sew.........beware when you visit my booth - I just may photo and 'pick' at your great clothing!

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