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I went and added to my stash of patterns and books. I already have patterns I probably will never ever use. But when I saw that this quilting place was having a tent sale to get rid of outdated patterns, I just couldn't help myself. The books were $1, the videos were $1 and the patterns were 25 cents.

I got $165 worth of patterns for $4, $158 worth of books for $11 and two $20 videos for $1 each. Not bad, says I.

The videos are on Silk Ribbon Embroidery and Embellishment by Judith Baker Montano. She has me hooked already. Anyone out there that would have some things I could use to get started in this and would like to swap I really would like to get started in this. Exchanging stash really isn't adding to it, is it?


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Comment by jill elliott on July 12, 2010 at 2:24pm
who cares you got a great deal that won't come around again so you bag your lunch for a month it was worth it

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