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Intro to Fashion Illustration - Class 3

Thursday was the 3rd session of Intro to Fashion Illustration. That Thursday, we would all get what we've been anxiously waiting sketch clothing. Our first assignment would be to sketch a green blouse. Our instructor, Allyn demonstrated sketching the blouse. We followed with our interpretation. The class was in awe. All our sketches were different in style, yet each could be easily identified as the green blouse. The instructor assured us that each person is expected to have their own style. We were ecstatic that we were able to do this.

Next assignment would be to sketch a floral print that was draped by me. Sketching the floral print seemed as if, it would have it owns challenges. After all, most of the class had never sketched until this class. Inspite of that, we again rose to the challenge. The instructor was pleased with our sketches.

Tonight's class was the best class so far. Can't wait until next week.

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