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Hi, Just thought I'd mention a bit about the Irish Themed Quilt I have just finished. It was made for a friend to give her father for Christmas (so no pressure for time there then!!)

I got some beautiful brilliant white and some lovely emerald green fabrics from the Chilworth Quilt Festival as well as the perfect shade of black/brown fat quarter for the guinness glass.

Shamrock shaped buttons, assorted green squares, football themed green fabric, pictures of Irish tourist places fabric, were all from Ebay. I got the lime green fleece (sorry didn't take a photo of that) to back it with from a shop in Norwich.

I was really pleased with all my acquisitions, and immediately sewed the green and white stripes because this chap likes Celtic and its their colours on their football shirts. Then I had to carefully cut the Irish pictures fabric and sew them in a line, which I then sewed onto the top and bottom of the quilt. I created the numerous guinness glasses by using the brown/black fat quarter and a cream fat quarter, and drawing the shapes on and then applique- ing them on.

I used the football themed fabric for the grandchildren's names and got a great result using freezer paper for the templates. That worked very well but was very fiddly because there are not many straight lines, the letters were all curly, which I wanted that way, but were tricky to do.

When I came to doing the word Celtic I decided my patience would not hold out much longer so they would have straight edges, and these came out well, using the freezer paper technique again. (which I learnt on You Tube).

Then I made the bias binding from the football fabric as I had just seen Angee's Tutorial on this, thanks very much although I didn't do it on the bias as I had (foolishly) already cut the strips. But the tutorial helped. I then sewed the shamrock buttons on finished clipping and removing loose threads, JOB FINISHED!!!!

I have taken some photos, but they don't really capture its details, but anyway.

What did I learn? That I have more tenacity to stick to a project than I ever thought I had. And that I need to invest in a better sewing machine !! And that I love sewing!!!

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Comment by Melanie Altice on December 15, 2010 at 9:42am

Oooh, nothing better than actually FINISHING a quilt! And I love the theme.

Comment by Gloria Allender on December 13, 2010 at 9:55am

Congrats on a job well done. 

Comment by Donnie Ream on December 12, 2010 at 3:51pm

Yeah, that "I love sewing" leads to "I need a better sewing machine"  everytime!  Or so my husband says!  I am fortunate to have one of those excellent husbands who loves to hear the whirl of the machines going so he gladly shells out the $$ for machines.

Congratulations on getting bitten by the 'bug'!

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