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First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I cannot believe it is already January 3!!! The big splash on radio and TV seems to be new year's resolutions. I am not really into making new resolutions. It just seems I get going and then by February, I forget what I resolved to do. Instead, I take my "weaknesses" and spend a couple of days on finding ways to help build them up. Some of you clean out your sewing room and get organized, hmmmm . . . it seems that is my daily chore! hahaha Maybe, I need to find a way to keep organized so it is not a daily chore! I see spacious sewing and craft rooms, and envy those who have them. Envy is not a good thing. My space is a 10 X 10 room in which I fit everything. Two sewing machines, embroidery machine, table, desks, fabric . . . well, you get the picture. Some pictures make me ashamed of what I have, second hand because that is what I can afford. Then I begin to realize that we all have our dreams to aspire to. I live in a small home, less than 1,300 sq. ft., but I have acreage. We all have our limitations, but what binds us together is our creativeness, which no one can put a limit to. Sewing is my therapy as well as my way of life.
January, which seems to be a slow month for many (how about you?), gives me time to work on personal projects as well as those for the venue of sales. As I start my venture in 2011, I am somewhat frightened, yet exhilerated. I have a part time job working in the school system with bilingual and special educations students. My sewing business is important to me because it is my future support. With the education crisis in California, I am never sure of my position. I am so blessed that I can turn to a career change in which I love what I am doing. I am not as young as many of you I see on this site, but I cannot let my age stop me. In fact, I can use it to my advantage because I can fine tune all the years of experience I have.
Many of you have business' and some sew for pleasure. Whatever your motivation is, I hope that 2011 brings you much joy and success. May we continue to uplift each other, and encourage each other to strive to be creative and promote our passion.

All the best,

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Comment by Miss Creative on February 5, 2011 at 6:32am
Hi Carolina I have just come across your blog and now its February the time is flying away. Best wishes in pursuing your creative ambition.

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