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The LT Experience. Most of the readers of this blog have followed Team T (Terry and Tawny) through an almost 10 year journey. From two kids living in Speechly Hall at the University of Manitoba, through both our graduations, through a rough time when I went to Calgary, and when I came back to the place I belonged. Through the birth of our two children. Next year we invite old and new readers to follow us through another big event - our WEDDING! Yes, we're actually going to get married during our 10th anniversary year. Yay! As a New Year's resolution I have to get going on our wedding. My dress especially. And I've decided (well actually I've been coerced) to keep all of you informed of every step. It begins! And it's only fitting that it's my 200th post for this blog! I made the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" ring pillow.

I found the tutorial at a wonderful blog called Craftystylish. Actually it doesn't take too much brain power to make a pillow. I just used this tutorial for the fun idea. Something old: The top left corner is made out of fabric from a dress that I used to wear in high school circa 1994. Something new: The brocade on the bottom. I bought this stuff to practice the top of my wedding dress before cutting into the good fabric Something borrowed: Well technically you can't borrow something because it can't be returned. But I got this linen from Jen who got me to hem her baby curtains in the summer. I "borrowed" the linen that I cut off the bottom.

Something Blue: The top right is blue. As for the applique - that's the most special touch. It's from some super cute jammies that we put both Logan and Laney in. The wording says "Snuggle Buddies" and it represents not only our two beautiful children, but the fact that Terry and I will be snuggle buddies for life. Corny I know! But our wedding is going to be rather corny and we wouldn't have it any other way! :) The final touch is 2 heart buttons that hold the whole thing together. Because really, there are going to be 2 hearts holding the whole thing together isn't there? To keep up on all our wedding news this year I will be sure to tag all these posts with "wedding" for your convenience.

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Comment by Patricia W. Tingley on February 3, 2010 at 1:35pm
What a lovely love story and your creativity to tell and hold the story is fabulous. Symbol, song and story are all there for I surely hear the song in your hearts as you and Terry work out your plans. My very best wishes!

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