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Kehler’s U.S.E.D. finds fashion in the junkyard

Used is a good word for Trevor Kehler. Seven years ago Kehler had tried many different jobs and didn’t want any of them. “I just didn’t want to fill out another resume,” he told me when I asked him why he had started his company, U.S.E.D. (Unlimited Supplies from Everyone’s Discards), which makes new and useful items out of used materials. The first things Kehler made were a pair of sandals from old car tires. “I used old seat belts for the straps and had to teach myself to sew,” said Kehler. He realized quite quickly that sandals were too difficult to make commercially but sewing the straps gave him the idea to try making bags with the used seat belts. “I looked around for an industrial sewing machine and found a second hand one in Golden,” he said. Soon after he began making a range of bags and selling them at craft fairs...
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