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Life Takes on an Additional Direction

Right now I am experiencing an incredible sense of irony. At school, art class was right up there with PE (physical education) at the top of my ‘dreaded/oh do I have too’ list. I was much more the maths, physics and chemistry girl who loved to go to history class. And if anyone were to ask my children what Mum thinks of computers, they would tell you – she hates them. This is where IRONY starts screaming loudly. I am now launching both a website and a design and ‘ready to purchase’ sewing business!!!! All those years ago (more than I would like to count – need more time to sew!) I would never have contemplated this would be in my future. Or that I would embrace it so excitedly and completely. After 20 years as a Professional Mother (that is, a stay-at-home, bake cookies and cakes, do canteen duty, and reading aide duty, and taxi duty, etc, etc, etc) I have decided to add another string-to-my-bow. Oh, did I mention that I still bake cookies and cakes, do canteen duty,………!

Anyway, I have found my zen in sewing. Especially quilting. I love the way pattern and shape can be drawn together to create a new whole. The symmetry and even the sometime randomness of the design appeals to the mathematician in me. Although, I do confess to sometimes appealing to a friend whose brain ‘sees’ in a way mine does not to do the tough geometry for me.

I ventured into the quilting world from a traditional stand point in terms of both colour and design (ever the girl who loves history).  While I still love the designs and shapes created by our early quilting sisterhood, I have come to adore the fun and light-heartedness evoked by modern design and bright colours and this is reflected in the fabrics I choose to use. I have also branched out to include bags and accessories in my range both in pattern design and ready-to-purchase items.

The wonderful thing I have come to appreciate about the computer, or more precisely the internet, is the vehicle it provides for me to still be a Professional stay-at-home Mother while also being able to work, have my own business and generate some extra income (fingers and toes crossed!!!) for my much loved Family.  Neither the sewing machine nor the computer care if it is 12 noon or 12 midnight. This wonderful flexability brings us ever closer to being able to have it all, all at once and of a great quality. Now the next trick – balance!!!

Anyway, I hope you will undertake this journey with me. I will endeavour to make it a fun and colour filled ride.



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