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Long term project - Re-lining a vintage faux leopardskin coat

The other half bought me this vintage faux leopard skin coat for my birthday last October.

It's a beautiful fabric,a  lovely shape and style, it's warm, and I love it......

...but the lining needs replacing.  You can see it has been sewn up really badly,

causing the hem to wave madly!

the armholes are ripped and badly repaired, the waist ties, waist tie loop 

and the hanging loop will all need replacing

and so will the pockets!

I have never done anything like it, so I have taken lots of pictures.  Then I intend to carefully remove it all, and use it to cut a pattern.  Then take a sample with me to choose it's replacement fabric.

I did line a hip length velvet waistcoat when I was a teenager,but this is a bit more complicated, so it will probably be a long term project.  I would like to think I will have it done and ready to wear by next winter anyway!  I will keep you all informed of progress!

Anyone got any advice or comments?

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Comment by Londa Rohlfing on February 21, 2013 at 8:52pm

LOVELY!  You lucky girl - you have trained your man well!

You have it all figured out perfectly.  Press those pieces well before you use them as a pattern piece.  

If you can find fleece-backed millium - that would be the best - a satin face fabric with fleece back, and a bit of metal embedded that makes it warm...but then in this coat, that might not be needed. 

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