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I'm not sure if this is applicable to anyone else but I can't find things lately - hubby says it is because I have too much "stuff" for my crafts but that is not the word he used! I'm looking for my Leisure Arts Leaflet # 3119 Babies Don't Keep Cross Stitch Pattern to make it for a friend who is expecting - can't find it - did I lend it and not get it back - I ususally keep track but hey I did lose my button tin that I lent - friend says she gave it back but it is nowhere to be found, had buttons in it from my mom too - have I really misplaced the pattern in my "stuff" - now I'M losing it AARRGGHH!

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Comment by Jill Dewar on February 12, 2010 at 8:02pm
I can't part with any of mine either! My MIL is coming to visit soon & she will have alot to say about my stash of books/fabric/etc - I'm tempted to ask her if she borrowed the cross stitch leaflet haha!
Comment by HeyJudee on February 12, 2010 at 4:29pm
Oh...yeah...that applies to me too. I was looking my binding miter tool the other night. Just knew I had it but where!!! Took me half an hour to find it though and it was in the drawer but covered by something else. Luckily it's only me saying I have toooooo much stuff....but will I be getting rid of any...NO....LOL

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