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Love being in here, you are all so inspiring!

Well my friend at work wanted me to make an apron as a gift for her Dog Sitter - something with Poppies on it.  I looked through my stash and had nothing but busy patterns and clashing plains.  Then I was browsing the site and saw Gracie had posted a picture 'Apron for Neighbour', using a denim apron  

Eureka! denim would show poppies up nicely, and denim I have!  In fact I had this rather large man's shirt, big enough to make an apron out of the back, the straps out of one sleeve and still leave me the front and another sleeve for another project!  

Cut a piece of an old skirt to make the pocket.  I decided to decorate it with applique poppies and freestyle machine embroidery.  I now think that might be a mistake as some of the edges will unravel in the wash - or maybe that will be a lovely effect?

I found a soft blue tiny check fabric (curtain) for the lining.  Now that I've finished it, I told my friend and she now informs me her dog-sitter is rather petite!  So I am rather hoping this is too big for her and I can keep it!  I could always make her one out of the lining material, with denim pocket and straps - and more poppies.  

and here it is, flashing the lining material!

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