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We have a wood burner which heats up our radiators, which means it's not so warm in the mornings when it has just been idling all night.  I have tried sitting up in bed with my dressing gown on, but it was a nuisance because it was too long.   So I decided to make myself a proper Bed Jacket, just like my mum used to use, only hers was crocheted and mine would be fleece.

A few years ago I had bought some fleece and made my present dressing gown, because all the ones in the shops ended halfway down your calf - draughty!  There was not a lot of choice in fleece at the time, so it is a plain dark green, made with Butterick pattern 3655.  Some time last year I went online and found Tissu  who amongst other things had these available -

Polar Fleece - machine washable - soft and cuddly premium quality anti pill (does not bobble afer washing) fabric.  Excellent warm and light material for throws, fleece jackets, hats, scarves, cushions, cot and pet blankets and more.  In a variety of plain colours and prints.

Polka Dots!

Micro Fleece - Snug and cosy easy care material, machine washable at 30° C and tumble dry on low temperature.  Soft and cuddly premium quality anti pill (does not bobble after washing) fabric. Excellent warm and light material for throws, fleece jackets, hats, scarves, cushions, cot and pet blankets and nappy lining.  Comes in plain colours and prints. 

Well I had some sort of senior/second childhood moment, and bought myself a meter of this Gray Pig and Rabbit patterned Micro Fleece!  When it arrive it turned out to be incredibly soft, but strange to say it has sat in the cupboard ever since!  

However I decided it would be perfect for a bed jacket.  So I got out the pattern and altered it to waist length and started cutting out.  That's when I discovered the down side, fluff everywhere, up my nose, over the worktop and over my clothes!

Overlock Pad & Trim Catcher

My overlocker was still threaded up with pink from my sister's bag, so I used that (as there is pink in the pattern) and promptly did all the edges of everything, (thereby cutting off all the notches I had just made!) I am so pleased I had treated myself to this 'Overlock Pad & Trim Catcher' ( ) so I didn't end up with even more in my lap!  

Working with the micro fleece was also made difficult by it's thick fluffiness.  I was lucky enough not to have to unpick anything, which would have been difficult, but even seeing the pins wasn't easy, I had to use touch to find them.  Above you see the right side, but the wrong side is brushed and really fluffy, as you can see below.

Topstitching the sleeve seam

I decided to use my walking foot, but did find the wide open toe a bit of a pain, which is when realised I had actually bought an 'Open Toe' version instead of the standard one!  It was listed first, and I saw it was for my Category B machine, and hit the buy button.  Buy in haste, regret at leisure?

(This is the normal toe I should have bought, so I have just ordered it)

I decided to topstitch all the seams to keep them flat inside as there is no lining.  I topstitched the sleeve seam which I had overlocked (maybe I should just say serged, it's shorter and why do we have to have 2 different words for this anyway?).  I did flat open seams everywhere else.

I added a big popper on the bottom hem to keep it wrapped round me, then added a bit of pink satin bias tape to make a hanging loop for now.  I need some pink ribbon really.

Here is my new Bed Jacket, and it only took a few hours to complete!


I wore it straight away, and it is fabulous, the brushed inside feels lovely and soft against my skin and I hate taking it off!  I serged the leftover piece so it won't make fluff everywhere, but I wonder if I should gift it to my youngest niece (who has just had her 3rd little girl) as a baby blanket?

Now of course I'm looking at my dull green fleece dressing gown and thinking it's time to update!  How about this tiger pattern, with black contrasting collar and cuffs!  It's Polar Fleece, so not so thick as the micro, 60" (150cm) wide and only £3.99 per meter.  Bargain!

Polar fleece-anti pill washable soft fabric tiger

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Comment by Sunny Hart on October 10, 2013 at 12:54am

Thanks for referring me to this! What a great idea! ^_^

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