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Men's shirt into a cute halter....

I posted a pic of a halter top that I made from a $2 Salvation Army men's long sleeve shirt. A couple of people have asked about ease of construction. I will try to explain it. There is a tutorial on you tube......I think I found it by putting in the you tube search box "a halter top from a men's shirt". It shows step by step. Anyway, I laid the shirt flat in my living room floor, all straightened out. I cut the shirt all the way across the chest area, about 1/2" under where the underarm seam is. Now, you have the top part of a men's shirt (the upper chest area), that still has the sleeves attached, and the collar, and a pocket. I kept the buttons buttoned to help keep it straight. Cut one of the sleeves off, and cut it open along the seam. Cut out a triangle shape that looks large enough to cover the breast. Lay this triangle on the person to see if it will fit all the way from side to side, and is long enough from the tip to the bottom of the triangle. It's awful to see someone with a halter on and most of the boob sticks out around the triangle! Use the other sleeve to cut out another triangle the same size. Now, my daughter is small and has small boobs, and she is quite modest, so I made the triangle fairly large. I hemmed the 3 sides of each triangle, and ran a loose thread along the bottom edge of each triangle. (Use this to gather the lower edge slightly.) Lay one triangle, right side up, and lay the other triangle right side up, with them overlapping 1 1/2 to 2" in the center. I sewed this together so it would hold together while I sewed the rest of the top. Use the threads on the bottom edges of the triangle to slightly gather it. Now, attach the tops (joined at the center), right sides together to the upper edge of the men's shirt, lining up the overlapping part of the bra with the button placket on the shirt body. Sew all the way around the top. Now, turn the seam allowance down on the inside, and sew, leaving enough room for about 1/4" elastic to be inserted. Measure elastic to be just snug, not tight, on the person who will wear the top. Insert it, running it all the way around the shirt in the casing. Sew the ends together and close the casing. Use the other sleeve, cutting it open along the seam. Open it out and cut 2 strips the entire length of the sleeve, but about 1" wide. Turn the 2 raw edges into the middle, and fold in half. Iron down, and sew along edge to make straps. Sew them onto the top of each cup. Backstitch well because there will be pulling on the straps to tie them. Hem the bottom of the shirt to desired length. If anyone needs me to take pics and show you the steps, please let me know. Happy stitching!

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Comment by Sherri on June 3, 2010 at 5:59pm
Thanks Sadie Lady!
Comment by Sadie on June 1, 2010 at 1:22pm
Sherri, thanks so much for the tutorial! its sounds real simple and the result is so FAB!!! Thanks again!!

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