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More Campervans - Campervan Bunting!

When I delivered the Campervan Messenger Bag, cushion cover and pencil case I told my friend I still had a little bit of fabric left from the meter I bought.  She said as she was redecorating Daisy's bedroom with Campervans, could I make a new length of bunting to replace the floral "Sweet Dreams" one she had now.  She gave me the measurements, and I made this for her!

It's 60" long, the 11 pennants are 3.5" square and spaced 1.5" apart, exactly the same as the one it is replacing.

Each flag is backed with the same blue cotton I used for the piping on the Messenger Bag. 

This one is the only one I had left in the darker blue and it has the only red heart, so I used it as the centrepiece.  I was so pleased I could get enough of the different colours and views to vary it down the line!

It's all gone now, but it was fun!

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