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More From My Hand Embroidery Craftsy Course + Plus a Knit Dress Refashion

I finally got on with the next Craftsy lesson in Design it, Stitch It with Jessica Marquez; 'EMBROIDERING ON KNITS'.  

My chosen knit was this dress I had been given, in a rather bright green, which I had decided to dye denim blue.  No "before" picture, sorry.  The buttons and stitching stayed green, as so often happens, but overall it had gone from an unflattering colour to looking rather dull, despite the pretty pin tucking.  I decided it would be much improved by adding some hand embroidery around the neckline.  Cue Jessica's lesson!

This was all new territory for me, but Jessica's instructions and downloads made it all straightforward.  I found the Solvy really weird to handle though, and I did seem to 'lose' a couple of stitches in it, especially small ones.  I found the reflective surface and dark colours made it a little hard to see where I had been inside the flowers.

I used one of her bonus designs and repeated it to curve around the neckline, then mirrored it for the other side.  Simple but effective.

My biggest problem was picking the colours to use!  I started by matching that yellowish green, then decided on a hot pink and purple contrast for the flowers.  Once again, I really enjoyed doing this, and it didn't take very long to complete.  Couldn't wait for it to dry after removing the Solvy!

Here it is finished.  It's a very pretty effect and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The stitches I chose were; blanket stitch around the flowers with fly stitch inside (I forgot about using the pistil stitch) and a double cross stitch for the centres.  I used a whipped back stitch for the stems and leaf outlines, with fly stitch to mark the leaf veins.  The flower buds were detached chain (lazy daisies) with a french knot centre.

Grey Cardigan embroidered

It looks so professional, especially when compared with this earlier attempt of mine!  

The top is dry, the sun is shining, and I still have the last chapter's project to do, creating my own embroidery design.  That will require some thought.....

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

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