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My Christmas Stow-it-All (ChrisWDesigns)

My pretty pink bag was lovely for the summer, but it looks pale and wan now.  As I absolutely love the Stow-it-All (chriswdesigns) so I decided to treat myself and create a warm red winter version for myself.

I liked the linen-look Full Bloom Roses fabric I used for the "Stow it All bag for a Good Cause", so I went looking for a co-ordinating red fabric in place of the cream.

and I found this 'small cream spot on red linen-look cotton' at my local suppliers Sew Creative.  I also found my new lining there, red Ticking Stripe by The Henley Studio for Makower UK.  (I enjoyed using the blue version for my Seaside Themed Cushions!)

So here is my gorgeous winter berry coloured Stow-it-All from the back.  I added clear vinyl pockets again (so I can see my mail and "To Do" lists!) with a strip of lining fabric as binding to match the other pocket and bag top.  I managed to get the gussets right first time, though some of my topstitching on the tabs was a bit wobbly.  I recommend hand basting the gussets just inside the stitching line, and drawing the stitching line on to follow, as that worked for me!

I absolutely love the ticking, it's so candy stripe!  I used a proper Handbag Zipper for the top closure this time as I had bought a bundle of 10 in assorted colours from Zipper Island on Etsy 'just in case' and one of them was red!  With the zipper undone the bag opens wide and the tabs lie flat against the sides.  (You can just see my biro in the pen pocket, as it went straight into use).  

For my bag bottom I used Simplicity Ez 12 x 18 inch extra thick transparent plastic template from Amazon and I got my bag feet from U-Handbag.

Here you can see the top zipper closed.  I leave my zippers long (21 1/2" including the tab ends) so they curl up the sides of the bag.  My furry Rosie bag sits inside quite comfortably, as it is a capacious bag.

The front of my Winter Warmer!  The rings are 1 1/2" (39mm) nickel O rings from Tantalizing Stitches on Etsy.  The hooks are 1" Alloy Smart Snap Hooks from U-Handbag.  The heart-shaped twist lock I bought on e-bay here.  Not as good quality as the ones from Emmaline Bags, but not bad for the money.  As you can see, here in the UK I have to garner supplies from all over the place, so I either have to stock up in advance or wait for the post.

So here I am with my Christmas Cheer, a patch of warm colour on a grey day! I think the fact that this is my 6th Stow-it-All gives some idea of what a great bag it is to carry, use and make!

1. My winter berry bag.  2.Top centre; my original pink rosebuds bag.  3. Top right; the petite version I made for my niece Shelley.  4. Bottom centre; A Stow it All for a good cause.  5. Bottom right; Ursula's Spottier version of my pink bag!  6.  Not shown here is the one I made identical to my original pink rosebuds bag (but with larger O rings) for my friend Nicky. 

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