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My husband gave me a Brother Enthusiast Embroidery Machine for Christmas. Yesterday, I used the embroidery mode for the first time...(sorry, that it took me so long). It just looked so complicated that I was afraid to jump in and do it. Now that I have done one design, I am excited about doing more. I added an applique to a denim skirt yesterday. One of my friends suggested that I put the same applique on all of the gores...there are eight of them. I am considering doing it....

I have loved to sew all of my life, and am happy that my sister found this group and passed it on to me.

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Comment by nola rodriguez on June 5, 2009 at 9:32pm
from a child i have always loved art and craft i learned to sew in 1999 and i love anything that is for home and decorations, since my husband passed away a year and six months ago it is what keeps me going i would love to have an embroidery machine but i cant afford one , because its not easy for me with having six children to feed and educate, i just know that one day God will provide, in the main time if you all friends have any patterns of any kind that i can use to make nice things to make a few extra dollars for my children i would be very thankful, yours truly Nola Rodriguez.

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