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So I will start off, By telling you that I have attempted to quilt before. With disastrous results. I was helping a friend make a baby quilt for a friend of hers. My thought going in was “I make clothes all the time and that is all curved lines and darts, I can sew a straight line.” After all was cut and pinned, I am all ready to sew this sucker together. I push the peddle down and off I go. Am here comes the second row... and the seams don’t line up. WTF?!?! They are not even CLOSE! I get the first on one side lined up and the other end is a half inch off! What the hell? And so after pulling, pinching, doing every thing I can think of and... and re-sewing I give up in tears. My friend has to comfort me and she takes over. I have not touched a quilting project in years.
Until a week ago. I was cleaning my room, and I found the bag with the material I picked for my friends baby’s quilt, and I have six days to get it done. While it is in the washer, I call my friend and ask what size the squares have to be. And I set to work. Ok. This is the hard part. Getting all the pieces the same size. I get out my cutting board, and rotary. I line everything up and cut out piece by piece. They are the same size.
And NOW surely this is the hard part. Three days before the shower. Quarter inch seam. Not a lot of room for error here. I started pinning the pieces together... Carefully. Making sure that every line is perfect. And off I go. Strip after strip. Each step is making be terrified that I will mess up. When it came time to assemble, the pieces, I wanted to cry. They lined up. All of them. Squeals of joy rang from my bedroom, from the euphoria of sewing. And the ironing. Normally I like this chore, but this was ridiculous amounts of tedious. If I didn’t pay special attention to the seam I just ironed, I ended up ironing it over. That was painful. Literally. My ironing board is two inched off the floor.
Two days before the shower I have to go back and get the batting. Framing fabric for the master piece. And the backing. When I get every thing washed and dried (at 9 p.m.) I set to work finishing it. Everything is going fine till I realized that I sewed the last edge piece in the wrong way. I hate seam ripping and at midnight that is what I have to do. I fix it and it is time to pin the back to the front. It is all pinned and I am moving it to Marla (my Singer) when I notice I have the pieces back to front. I was going to sew it so the quilted part was going to be on the inside. In a mixture of relief that I didn’t sew it, and diaper that I realized I was too tired to continue, I groan and surrender for the night. In the morning after my coffee, and cereal, I get back to work. This time well rested, I get it all done.
Doing the ties is slow, laborious, and brings my ADD out in full force. Enough said on this subject.
When ALL is said and done, I look at my handy work. This is when I want to make one for my own full sized bed. I find the box that my book came in earlier that day and package up the quilt. The next day, the day of the shower, I walk over to the store and get wrapping paper. five minutes after I wrap it, I realized I didn’t take a picture. Mommy loved it, pictures were taken, and When I get my hands on a copy, I will posed it. Thanks for living my pain and joy, and I hope you got a little reminiscent about your first quilt.

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Comment by Lynne Demeter on September 29, 2010 at 6:24pm
Don't let your frustrations get the better of you!! Do you have anyone to talk to and get advice? Do you have a rotary cutter, mat and ruler? How about a 1/4" foot for your sewing machine, or maybe you can "move your needle over" to get a good seam. Of course pressing it is a whole other story! did you press your seams to one side? Quilting is a great hobby, I spend hours each week sewing and cutting, but with a few helpful hints and can go really smoothly for you.

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