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The Necessary Clutch Wallet Project

The Necessary Clutch wallet sewing pattern from Emmaline Bags.

I bought this pattern in September 2014. Since then I have seen a lot of them on the web, and seen many versions proving it to be a very versatile project so I decided it was time to make one. 

I am using fabrics from my stash, the lovely Shibori from Moda (#48004 Awase-Nui) for the exterior and the Michael Miller Sandpipers (#DC7328 Beachcomber) for the lining.  I am using them for the pockets and divider too, and just using a plain cotton for the contrasting trim on the flap.

Jaime Johnson

Multi-size: There is a mini version available in PDF format, and a XXL version available through the NCW Addicts - here you can see all three sizes together, and one of the alternate flap shapes on the XXL version.  They also had files on an alternative method of fitting the trim on the flap, adding tabs on the end of the zipper, and adding more zipped pockets.

I enjoyed the making process, it reminded me of the Butterfly Sling Bag pattern also from Emmaline Bags that I stitched back in 2014.  I had a senior moment with working out the folds to end up with the pockets up the right way, with the 'extra' at the bottom though! However, I got it right and here you can see the result, with the shoulder strap added and the tabs on the ends of the zipper pocket.

Here it is closed, so you can see I did manage the contrasting border with the alternate method.  I may try the original version another time!  The strap made up well too, I bought the 1/2" snaps from BobbinGirl.  I am very happy with my fussy cutting to get the Shibori pattern evenly spaced and central.

So here it is, my Necessary Clutch Wallet.  I must admit it is very pretty and has lots of storage space but I think I would like a bit more stiffening, it is very soft and a bit floppy apart from the border which has peltex in it.  Of course that would make it much thicker to sew through.  Maybe I should have starched it?

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Comment by Susan on April 19, 2018 at 10:59am

I think it's gorgeous. The whole thing. 

Smart to add the strap!

Comment by Karen on April 17, 2018 at 2:47am

Unfortunately foam stabiliser would be too bulky. Something like Lazy Girl’s Stiff Stuff would have worked though but as it was my first attempt I stuck to the directions. Anyway, it’s not bad, just not as perfect as I wanted!

Comment by serita on April 16, 2018 at 8:00pm

maybe the foam stablizers (soft and stable) would help stiffen your wallet.

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