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Hi, my name is Masko, originally from Japan and have moved to the States in 2003.
My family and I first lived in New Orleans, LA, where my husband is from.
But within 2 years the hurricane Katrina hit the city and we had to relocate to Memphis, TN.

I loved it in Memphis. When we first evacuated there with nothing but some clothes, the local quilters generously donated scraps of fabrics, handmade pincushion, basic sewing supplies and got me ready to start sewing again. One lady, who I consider as my American mom kindly gave me a heavy duty old metal machine --which happened to be made in Japan in the 50-60's-- from her huge collection.

2 years ago my husband retired from the Navy and we now live in a small town in TN.
I miss the ladies from the quilt guild and other creative fiber artists I've met in Memphis.
I had many sewing friends there to shop and dye fabrics together, and to have a fun girls' sewing night.
Now that I haven't gotten any chance to meet sewing people in this new location, I am a lone crafter.
Hopefully I meet new friends with the same interests and chat about sewing here. It would be fun!
Thanks for taking your time and reading this.

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Comment by Masko / StitchinSista on February 19, 2010 at 1:06am
Hi Sakshi, thank you for the comment and telling me about yourself.
I haven't gotten a chance to visit your country yet but my husband did, and met many nice Indian people while I was in Bankok, Thailand where my father lived for years on his business. I also worked for a boss who was from Sri Lanka ( sorry, not India though) and he got me into Indian food. I love spices and vegetables, so naturally I became a fan of Indian food, thanks to him.

Just as you mention our Kimono, I am interested in Indian textiles. I sometimes buy skirts and accessories from India on Etsy. I guess we can enjoy a little International exchange here through sewing / sewing materials!
Comment by Sadie on February 18, 2010 at 1:23pm
Hi Masko,
It was nice to read your post. I'm sorry to hear that you had o relocate. I'm from India and I love all the posts that these fabulously wonderful people have shared on SWN. I am new to sewing. I can't quilt (and most likely never wiil) because its way to intricate to even think of joining small pieces together to form something big and wonderful. but I do love to make purses or kitchen accessories or at still like to spend my time looking at my toes and thinking of which of the awesome projects described out here I'm going to start wiith. (Im a software engineer by profession sigh! and only get to sew rarely like on the weekends and sometimes I'm even not priviledged to those when I have to be on-call but I like to sqeeze sowing in.. or at least think of what I could do in my leisure .. if do get some).

Okay enough about me. What I wanted to tell you is it would be really wonderful if you told us al what you know and showed us which projects from here you did for yourself, it would be great. I'd really like to learn things from you if you would share them with us. Since you're from Japan you'd probably have seen some of those marvelous kimonos which so far I've only seen pictures of, even if you could post pictures of stuff it would be great. I would really like being friends with you :)

Regards, Sakshi
Comment by Masko / StitchinSista on February 17, 2010 at 5:48pm
Thank you everyone! With the same passion in common, I am sure I will enjoy communicating with people like you. There are so many things I can learn here, to share and to be shared, it must be fun to explore this site.
Comment by Gail Grange on February 8, 2010 at 8:24am
Welcome to SWN. There are lots of nice people on here.

Gail xxx
Comment by Emi Shimosato (Kyoko) on February 6, 2010 at 12:10pm
you are my first craft friend after I moved in the USA! You do have a lot of knowledge, energy, curiosity about crafts, as you often give me suggestions! I cannot believe that I haven't met you in person yet.
You do such lovely works with your original new idea, I am always looking forward to seeing you what you make next!!
Comment by Patricia W. Tingley on February 6, 2010 at 10:15am
Welcome Masko! We just left a community of 20 years where access to sewing and quilting friends were few and far between so I "feel your disappointment. You may find someone with an interest in a partcular frabic art form and become a friend in "learning that form and she may find a new interesst in one of yours. That happened to me when a neighbor invited me to see her quilt in progress. I knew nothing about quilting and she was gracious in her sharing. I shall never forget her kindness. One very hot Labor Day, the men in her family were re-roofing her house. I sewed up some "neck coolers" and took them over. They were very grateful and still have them! Kind of an "each one teach one" situation.

Another way to "sound out" sewing sources is to visiit any small shops -- gift, fabric, sewing machine/vacuum repair places, the Library show cases sometimes have fabric objects on display, and check out Church bulletins and news letters for sewing group meetings.

Go on line and see where the nearest American Sewing Guild or Quilting Guild is located.
I had to drive 75-80 miles round trip once a month but it was worth it!

Now a Neighborhood Group of ASG members is "just up the road"; lots of fabric stores and this wonderful site. I remember when it was beginning and I was a real novice at the computer -- but that's another story! :)
Comment by Susan on February 6, 2010 at 8:18am
Welcome to SWN! Very glad to have you and all of the new members that come through our virtual door!

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