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Nothing better than a clean craft room!

Hello! So I spent most of yesterday and today working on cleaning and organizing my little craft room, and let me tell ya, it has been quite the adventure. It all came about when I decided that I just HAD to find one specific pattern that I was sure was in my closet, so I tore EVERYTHING out looking for it. After gutting the closet I decided it would be a good idea to finally go through and organize things. I'm on a VERY limited budget (My husband and I are both going to school and we have a 17 month old son, so we are living as cheaply as possible. The only reason I have internet is because I'm going to school online and my financial aid pays for it.) So I was unable to do the kind of hardcore organizing that I wanted with my fabric, so I just put large pieces in one bin, 1-2 yards in another bin and scraps in a third bin. I am ecstatic that It is finally clean though, because honestly, It makes it a lot easier and calmer to be in here. I also moved my computer in here because I spend a lot of time in here anyway doing school projects. (I'm an Interior Design student) My drafting table is from the 1940's and is massive, so of course it ended up being a catch all for fabric, patterns, yarn, etc. Now it's cleaned off except a couple of baskets and such, but has a LOT of room now for me to do my drawings and such. My records still need to be reorganized and I really need to go though and get rid of some of them because they are quite honestly taking up most of the room in here. I have 2 wine crates, one record stand, a record table, 3 bins, and 2 boxes. There are also some hanging on the wall. Eventually I will let some of them go....maybe. Anyway, here are some pictures of the result!

There are a couple things still out of place, but ah well. Yes, that is a poster of Tom Selleck...It was one of those things I found at a yard sale for a dime that was just too funny not to husband told me that I couldn't put it anywhere else in the house, so he hides behind the door. The autographed Bob Barker photo I got because I wrote him a letter when I was 14, and they sent that back to me and I've had it ever since. I hope ya'll like my room, it makes me happy every time I enter it. Thanks for reading!

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