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Today I finally picked up my skirt and pant patterns custom fitted for me by Sarah Veblen.  I emailed Sarah last week to see when I could pickup my pant and skirt sloper.  Sarah is working on a book about fit.  She asked me last October if I would be willing to be fitted and photographed for the book.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  Mostly, because I can't find ready to wear pants the fit.  I've got some " junk in my trunk."  LMBO....I wish!   Plus, I didn't have to find a fit buddy and make several muslins to get the perfect fit.  She did it for me.  Thanks, Sarah!  THE BIG I have a pant and skirt pattern sloper that I can use compare to commercial patterns.  Hallelujah!

The process was quite interesting and I learned a lot.   I met with Sarah for several fittings.  Her daughter photographed several images documenting HBL and pattern changes that were needed prior to the next fitting.  I think we did those fittings and images at least four times for about 2.5 hours each session.  I think you will get to see the before and after shots of the pattern changes needed in her book.  After Sarah perfected the fit, we met with a professional photographer for the book images. Sarah has scheduled another day for images with the photographer. 
I learned from watching Sarah, the importance of documenting the fitting process using photography.  I learned how to remove that excess fabric that is always in the front on my pants.  Whenever I try on ready to wear pants or make pants.  See how much shorter the crotch seam is on the front pattern piece, compared to the back.  I learned how much my body had changed from my younger days.  Those were the days!  My pelvis tilts forward, notice the back pattern waist line tilt.  Who Knew!  All the front darts were eliminated and my back darts aren't the same length. 

Now I need to copy the pant and skirt sloper to tag board to preserve the pattern sloper so that I can make various pant and skirt styles.  

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