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This little item is sure to please anyone who sews. It's really the simplest idea to reuse even the last of the last bits and pieces of your scraps. I used wool scraps from other wool projects, but I have used cotton in an Easter wreath similar to this.

I started with about a yard of heavy duty upholstery thread on a straw needle. I made a big knot at the end of the thread and began clumping the variety of colors into 3-5 chunks and thread these chunks onto the garland as I went. Repeating as I continued until the whole bag was gone. I randomly cut the chunks into what I thought was about 1 inch sized pieces, but I didn't worry about frazelled long bits or seams. I just threaded them altogether. I will add bells and pine cones to this wreath. I'll post another photo when I am done. Enjoy! I suggest this as a great way to reuse old fashioned fortrel dresses and pants that are so prevalent in thrift stores. Fortrel lasts forever (its a plastic product) which makes it VERY flammable, so bare that in mind for decorating purposes.

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