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Once again "JACKPOT" at "MARDENS" I found many styles of ribbon for .25 to .50 cents a spool so I of course bought SEVERAL this only shows a small portion of what I have. I then had to think of a way to incorporate some type of ribbon storage for my shelves in my sewing area in my craft room.
I came upon some spring curtain rods at Family dollar for $3.00 and thought hhhhmmmm  would that work!!!!!
By GOLLY GEE it did. I did however have to put a staple right under each end to stop it from slipping down due to the rubber ends and smooth service.
This keeps all my ribbon organized by color. I have 3-4 more to add to the shelving unit and will also have some little bins to store some misc ribbon items on the shelf.
I have some ribbon in jars on top of the spooled ribbon shelve. Most are pieces that I have cut for projects or ends of the spool salvages.

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