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I have been obsessed with interested in scrap/stash-busting ideas lately, which has added quite a few projects to my, already lengthy, list. One of the tutorials that I came across recently was this Water Bottle Carrier at Pink Chalk Studio.
The reason that this project jumped to the top of the list is because:
A - It is quick.
B - I need it.
I am VERY familiar with being everyone's camel during the hiking/biking/festival months, and when I saw this simple solution I was like, "Hell, yes! So smart!"
Unfortunately, I don't stock any insulated batting and I would have to travel a few hours to get some. So, I started hunting around my house for an alternative.  My husband actually came up with the idea of using one of his neoprene-like Under Armour shirts. I was like, "Cut up clothes? Totally!" I know that the shirt isn't the same when it comes to retaining the cold temperature of the water bottle, but I don't care about that. Water is hydrating whether it is cold or warm. I just needed something that would keep the condensation from making the carrier a soggy mess, and this should work fine for that.

I wouldn't recommend this tutorial for beginners because of the french seams and attaching the circular bottom, but an intermediate sewer could handle this without an issue. I cranked these out, assembly-line-style, in just a couple of hours.

Besides the insulation, I followed the specifications of the tutorial exactly. I thought the process was explained really well, and the design was genius.  I actually had a lot of fun machine-quilting these carriers. It was my first experience with this technique, and I love the freedom and creativity of stitching my own shapes.

These make great gifts for just about anyone since they are handy for so many things - hiking (my son), biking (me), trips to the zoo (my nieces), metal-detecting (my dad), or just taking a walk around the neighborhood on a warm day (we will have warm days again, wont we??).

I am "sew grateful" to all of the creative, brilliant, inspiring, dedicated bloggers out there that post free tutorials. I know how much work can go in to drafting patterns or instructions, and I love the feeling of community I get when people share their efforts with the rest of the world. It makes the internet seem a little cozier. ;)

Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags

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Comment by Karen on April 1, 2014 at 2:21am

I might have a go at one of these, as it's small and quick.  Looks like you had fun!  Thanks for the link!

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