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Silk Trimmings with Potential
Silk Trimmings with Potential

As I once again was trimming the edges of my stacked bias silk pieces to create my Fabric Fur - this time destined for a surprise jacket for a friend - I decided to add them to my BAG of silk scraps.  For........... another life?

Perhaps 'trapped' under nylon tulle and stitched over randomly as an interesting embellishment???  I'd better put a note in with this bag so if my DH decides to straighten out my corner of the basement - he doesn't think this a bag of garbage!!!

Roughing up Fabric Fur bias with the Chenille Brush
Roughing up Fabric Fur bias with the Chenille Brush


Anyway - here is the next step after stacking 3/4" bias strips and stitching down the center - then trim to an exact 1/4" either side of the center stitching - then ATTACK with my Fabric Chenille Brush...and WALA - here you can see how I've couched yarn down the center of this trim - on a jacket.

Fabric Chenille Trim
Fabric Chenille Trim - and couched yarn on top of silk

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