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These are the two outfits I made for the girls last weekend.

All I did for the skirt was double up the girls waist measurements and add the lengths I wanted the skirts to be. Sophia's was approx 44 x 9 and the second layer was 44*15.

For the waistband, I took the girls measurement and added about 2.5-3 inches to the waist measurement. Please note the waistband is made of ribbing, which is very stretchy. When all is said and done you'll end up with a rectangle and for Sophia that was 24 x 3 inches and 1/2 was for the seam allowance.


Pretty simple - Serge or zigzag your seams prior to starting your project. (Remember to pre-wash your fabric to prevent shrinkage once your project is complete.). Gather upper edges of your skirt pieces, by using the largest stitch on your machine. I use three rows of gather stitches, this helps for even distribution. Use a basting stitch to attach the shorter skirt piece to the longer one.

Fold waistband in half and sew the side seam, then attach it to your skirt.



For the blouse, I made the pattern for the girls old tank top and cut various sizes of leave like shapes and fused to the front before sewing.

These were quick projects and my girls got new outfits in one day.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing.

Kid's Romper Revamp: Creative Pattern Adapting

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