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Skyrim Inspired Female Assassin's Greybeard Cloak(with dragon scales)

Every once a moon or so I find my self so infatuated with a single item or character that nothing will stand in the way of owning it. This time around it was the Greybeard cloack from the ever popular game "Skyrim". Here is the Cloack in its fullest glory straight from a screenshot.

The Cloak of Awesome in its Natural Habitat

So after a day of planning and quite a few hours of my life stolenaway to dragonscale construction a final version of my own greybeard cloak emerges.

Front Closed with hood down.

Back with Hood up.

Front Open With sword holsters visible.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. :D

A few tweaks have been made and a new post will be uploaded soon..

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