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some last minute christmas sewing

okay. okay. waited almost too late to finish my christmas projects I started in october. shame on me....but...yup, it's been known to happen to me a lot with other projects and things. Last minute...should be my middle name...but I guess somehow part of me wants to wait until the last minute so I am forced to FINISH the projects. Maybe...

Hmmm...let me see...last minute--30 minutes late to my wedding, poor guy was thinking I might have changed my mind when actually there was some last minute sewing on the bridal veil! Hmmm...driver's license...last minute I passed the THIRD attempt at driving. An exasperated, tense trooper told me..."Listen, you got your license but next time please drive accordingly when the sign states 'ONE WAY'!!" AND...last minute...when I had finally finished talking to my mom, two aunts, cousin, and a couple of friends on the phone to tell them my labor pains had started and which were suddenly five minutes apart and my frantic husband was yelling..."GET off the phone!!! We gotta get you to the hospital before the baby comes!!!!!!" Talk about being rushed.....

Well, yup, there's many more a tale about "last minute" but I won't go beyond this point. Fact is...I think I rather enjoy it...or at least it seems that way to me. Kinda exciting....but it does appear to cause a bit of anxiety for others....

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Comment by Julie on December 6, 2008 at 6:38am
Yea, I'm still working on some things too....

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