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The Half Moon from the Lunar Collection (chriswdesigns)

I have been admiring the many versions of The Lunar Collection by Chris W Designs for quite a while, and eventually decided to try the medium sized Half Moon version to see how I got on with it as it's a big bag and looked like a long sew.

The fabric I wanted to use is an Art Deco print on what may be cotton canvas.  I could find no branding on the selvage.  To contrast with it I chose a plain navy cotton duck, so neither or them were the suggested quilt weight cotton, my bad!  I did choose a lightweight cotton lining fabric though, but that has no details either.  To make allowances for the heavier weight fabric I skipped the fusible woven interfacing, and had to use 3 different sized rivets according to the thickness of the layers they had to go through.  The only thing it really affected were the side pockets as it was a bit too thick and stiff to gather up well.

I couldn't get hold of a double pull handbag zipper so I went with a YKK #4 Handbag zipper which happily are readily available in the u.k. now, I used to have to get them from ZipperIsland in the States on Etsy.  This was my first time using the Half Moon Magnetic Edge Clasp ( but as always it was simple to attach and looks very professional.  I get my hardware and notion supplies from

As with all Christine's patterns the instructions are very detailed and I had no trouble following them.  In fact the only mistake I made was unpicking my basting stitches holding the side pocket pull cords and forgetting to re-attach them! This meant I got to the step where you attach the double cord locks and pull up the cords before I realised my mistake!  I had to re-open the turning opening to access the seams, then carefully undo a few stitches and feed the cord ends through, attach them securely then stitch everything up again.  I have hightlighted the instructions so I don't make that mistake again!

The only down side of the art deco fabric was that I simply could not get the top-stitching to look great, it seemed to be impossible to get a straight line or defined stitches even when I lengthened the stitch to four. I chickened out on the luggage sleeve and used cream cotton to make it less noticeable.  On reflection I could have made the optional slip pocket instead as I don't do a lot of travelling any more, and I could have fussy cut the sleeve to match the main body better.

However the finished bag looks very smart and is surprisingly light for it's size (whilst empty anyway!) and I am very pleased with how well it turned out, well worth the time spent.  In my case it took a little longer as I had to stop in the middle to do a load of alterations for my niece!

Inside there is a zipped pocket and loads of room!  The outside has a gathered pocket each side as well as the flap pocket on the front which closes with the lovely magnetic clasp.

I can carry it on my shoulder with the handles, but I opted to make the adjustable strap for this as it is more comfortable.  I made it in the art deco fabric rather that use more of the plain navy, and it looks good.  I added the fleece to this as the fabric was thinner and floppy but left it out of the navy straps.  They were quite thick enough without.

I did fussy cut the art deco fabric and I love how it looks like there is a tassel hanging from the magnetic clasp!  As you can see it swings along well above the puddles if hand held.  I am super pleased with my new bag, myself for making it and Christine for being such a great designer and instructor.

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