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The Spottier Stow It All Bag With a Hidden Extra Feature!

I have just made yet another Stow it All Bag (Chris W Designs) using the same fabrics as my original bag, but with them re-arranged so it's a spottier bag, and it has a hidden extra feature! 

Ursula asked if she could have a key leash fitted.  So after I stressed out over; how long needed to be, and how and where to attach it so you could pull it out even when the bag is zipped shut, I decided to attach it on a gusset end.  

I had enough lining fabric to piece the strap together and add a swivel lobster clip.  I attached it to the outside of the bag, sewing across the topstitching.

Then I flipped it to the inside and fixed it with a rivet.  Not my best stitching on the leash, I will wear a hair shirt for that.

Here it is from the inside, with the zippers closed.  Discreet but accessible (and the tab hides my horrible stitching!)

Yes, you are right, it is longer in this picture! After trying it with my bunch of keys, I decided it needed to be long enough for them to lie on the bottom, so the weight wouldn't pull the side down. Which meant I had to reattach the bit I had cut off when I thought it would be okay for them to stand on the bottom.  Made a lovely job of the join though.

Pink and Spotty!

My first Stow it All - amazing how different it looks

Another Stow it All - but smaller!  Reduced by 15% for my petite niece!

A Stow it All for a good cause - A Raffle Prize for Macmillans.  

I think my sister would like one now as she didn't win this one in the raffle! 

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Comment by Karen on April 22, 2015 at 7:55am

Thank you Brenda.  Made another one since, in reds, and now my sister wants the same but smaller like the one for my niece!  Red stow it all

Comment by Brenda Joy Farmer on April 21, 2015 at 10:42pm

That is one awesome bag. I love it.

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