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THREAD NESTS – The WHY and HOW to Fix on your Sewing Machine


Thread Nest aggravating MESS is due to…


If your sewing machine occasionally creates these ‘nests’ of thread on the bottom, this is for YOU!  I know for a fact that this ‘machine operator error’ is the KEY to understanding your sewing machine and enjoying sewing. And NO, it is NOT a bobbin tension issue! Personally, I know that I sewed for YEARS before I came to understand all this when I became a sewing machine dealer.
Of all my You-Tube Videos, this one has received the most positive, thankful comments.
Below, I’ve copied a few of the Comments on my Video:
“You just saved my entire life!!! I was literally panicking and about to go get a new machine because mine is so old (like belonged to my grandmother old!) I’ve been sewing for yrs (even had it in jr high) and never paid attn to that being the problem! In the past, I would just rethread until it worked itself out! Thanks so much for your video!! ”
“You are AWESOME! Thank you thank you hope you have more posted because I am a beginner and literally got rid of one sewing machine because of this!”
“Yeah, mine is new and I thought I got a lemon. Was about to give up sewing for good.”

I think I needed to watch this 20 years ago! 

Now It’s YOUR Turn to Watch

This video is posted below. On Bloglovin, you won’t see is unless you click back to the original post. Our apologies for hubby recording this with the camera vertical instead of horizontal. 


I wonder – among your ‘seasoned sewers’ out there.  Is this new to you?  Or have you figured this out long ago?

Please share this info with any new sewers you know.  Thanks!

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