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Sew a Valentine Babydoll Nightie + Cutting & Sealing Synthetic Fabrics - Free Tutorials

Joy from HowJoyful made this ruffled babydoll nightie out of leftover chiffon and some black ribbon she had for her anniversary.  This sewing tutorial is very easy to follow.  This babydoll nightie is a fairly simple sewing project that most advanced beginners would have success with.  (One of my first sewing project was a layered and ruffled apron. I was 13.  I think this tutorial would have been so much easier to use than that horrid tissue pattern I grew to despise! )  Sewing one of these is very similar to sewing an apron.  Joy was clever and sealed the chiffon fabric edges with heat to prevent the fabric from fraying. You can also use a hot-knife or woodburning tool to do this very easily.  


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Sew Ready: Garment Basics

If you have some extra time you could sew some stretch lace panties with Larri's sewing tutorial here!  

"Cutting Synthetic Fabrics:  Soldering irons (wood burning tools and stencil cutters too!) are a wonderful tool to use to cut synthetic fabrics. They seal the edges at the same time, giving a laser cut edge look.  You can also a soldering iron to secure one layer on top of another by melting the two layers of fabric together." Neroli Henderson

See: Soldering Iron on Organza


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Comment by Karen on February 8, 2014 at 2:21pm

I've just been repairing dance costumes for a friend.  Basically leotards with chiffon skirts, and the chiffon was in a bad way.  My overlocker has done a stirling job with rolled hems, but now I've seen this my stencil cutter might come in handy another time!

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