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Making a Vintage Style Christmas Stocking

As mentioned in my post Making the "Stocking Advent" Calendar I was given this 30 year old stocking to copy for my friends' grandchildren.  So this is how I did it, and the instructions I drafted for myself.

The Design Requirements;

The original has a shaped foot, and I quickly checked if this was necessary in the new version. Happily it wasn't.  The original was not lined, except on the cuff, and I decided it would be easier for me if the new one was fully lined.  It's quilted and I wanted to quilt the new one as well.


For the exterior I'm using a nice quality plain red cotton.  I used some wadding I had and some I recycled from inside a Boden Jacket.  I used a recycled sheet for the backing. The lining fabric is called Mini Christmas Snowman by Makower.

1. Trace pattern, cut out exterior, wadding, backing and lining pieces.  

I traced the stocking and drafted a new foot shape, then cut out the fabrics, adding notches for the cuff opening and hanging loop positions.   I marked the opening to leave in the foot of the lining. 


2. Quilt Exterior;

I used my quilting ruler to draw a grid on the stocking using a frixion pen, then made a sandwich with the wadding and backing, and pin basted it.  I had thought all quilting had to be hand basted but I have been watching the free craftsy course "Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills" and I was delighted to learn that you can pin instead.

I have my walking foot (Even Feed Foot) on my machine permanently now, instead of the general purpose foot, so I just had to change my needle to a quilting needle, and I was all set.  I've also learnt I have to start and finish each row in the same direction, and NOT go across then down and back in the opposite direction.  I thought it would be quicker and save thread, but it didn't lay properly.  It doesn't save time when you have to unpick it all.

3.  Assemble Exterior

Sew, right sides together with a 3/8" seam.  Clip curves.  **DO NOT TRIM SEAMS AT THIS STAGE but press flat and open ** Unfortunately I trimmed them when I made the second one, and it made it much harder to match up with the lining.

4. Make lining

Position your hanging loop with raw edges matching, loop hanging down inside, level with the cuff opening. Remember to LEAVE AN OPENING IN THE FOOT FOR TURNING.  (Notice the deliberate mistake in this photo?)  Sew right sides together with a 1/2" seam.  Press the seams flat and open, clipping the curves.  Turn the lining right side out.

5. Insert lining

With the exterior still wrong side out and the lining right side out, push the lining down inside the exterior.  Make sure the hanging loop is down and out of the way.  Match up the seams and raw edges, pin and stitch.  (This is where I decided I should have pressed the seams open and flat and not trimmed the cuff edges, to make it easier to match up and lay flat. )  When you sew down the cuff opening you should be able to swivel the needle in the front seam. It worked perfectly on my first stocking, but not so well on the second one.

Now trim the seam allowance, and remove as much wadding and bulk as possible.  Turn stocking inside out, then pull the exterior out through the gap in the lining. Press and admire!  I think it turned out well.  Originally I was going to applique the children's names onto the stocking, but then we decided to use the fabric gift labels from the Advent Calendar instead, and embroider the name on the other side.

I've made two so far as they were needed to go with the advent calendars, but I have until Christmas to make the next two, but I'll show you how I got on with the labels next time!

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