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Zipper here, zipper there, I put zippers everywhere!

I've been making zippered bags!

Campervan Pencil Case - front

It all started with making one with the scrap left from the Campervan Bag


Then I shared this one with you, when I was trying out my niece's embroidery stitches.  

Recycled Denim Pencil Case + applique

It has gone to her eldest daughter as it matches the recycled denim bag I gave her.  She's my great niece, I'm a Great Aunt!  That sounds soooo P.G Wodehouse.

So it was only fair I made one for her sister, who likes blues and turquoise and is into dolphins.  So I made her this one.  The only turquoise I had in my stash was this corduroy, and some tie-dyed fabric from a kaftan I had re-cycled.

Dolphins Pencil Case - back?

I pieced the corduroy and used the tie-dye to make the dolphins.  I think they look suitably 'watery'!  Once again I used the "top edge zip" tutorial in Lisa Lam's "Bag Maker's Bible" to make the case.  I will deliver it tomorrow.

I made this zippered pouch from the tutorial in Georgie Merlot's book "Ready, Set, Serge". The first time I tried to make it I didn't have the right foot for my old overlocker, but I managed to make it anyway.  It had a lovely red lining that I forgot to photograph, and I gave it as a gift so I can't show you now.

This time I had the right foot on my new overlocker, but my zipper wasn't long enough.  Sigh.  In both cases I quilted the bag, and really like it!  I made this one to co-ordinate with my Sewing Machine cover so I could store my new foot control in it, all cosy and padded.

I had to get a new foot control because the old one was carrying on stitching after I removed my foot - not good for accurate applique - so it had to go.  The other half read me a lecture on how I wrapped the lead around it and should have been more careful folding it so as not to damage it!  The new one has a retractable flex so I can't wrap it up the wrong way!  Neat huh!

No Guts Boxie Pouch

Lesson learnt, I carefully fold all my leads the way they were delivered now, including the one for my overlocker.  It's a big lump with both cables and the foot control all connected.  I was keeping it scrunched up in a drawstring bag, so I decided to give it a more spacious new home. I had downloaded this free tutorial a while ago, and decided now was the time to make it!  


It is quite bit enough for my overlocker foot controls, and I fed a key ring onto the tab instead of a lobster clasp.  It hangs nicely and opens wide enough to let me get the control in and out easily!


Here it is - I do get a kick out of making something that looks good and does a great job!

Curved Top Pouches

Now here is another zipped bag I really love the look of, and I am going to try making one, but it will have to wait it's turn.  I only made one New Year's Resolution this year, to clear my work basket of U.F.O.s!  So far I am on course, especially since I finished the new lining for my vintage faux leopard skin coat.  

Next up will be the pink net petticoat that has been lying dormant for a couple of years! Unfortunately I will have to make it bigger now....  

Allowing for this backpack I agreed to make for Campervan Girl (McCalls 6410), and the repairs I agreed to do to my friend's Dance School costumes, it won't be any time soon, but it will happen this year, and so will that curved top zipped pouch!

Design Your Own Handbag

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Comment by Susan Craig on February 27, 2014 at 9:10am

You put me to shame. I'm terrified of zippers though I'm not really sure why. I shall have to bite the bullet and have a go as I love what you've been making. Here goes.... Many thanks for the inspiration.

Comment by Hafsa Khalid on February 20, 2014 at 5:23am

You are one talented person!!! Great work!!!

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