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Fabric Pattern Matching Seam Lines - A Free Tutorial from Sew Helpful


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Comment by Corinne Davies on April 13, 2015 at 8:38pm

This was a helpful and clear instructional video.  There are two things I wondered about, though.  I was taught to first press a seam the way it was sewn, to "set the stitches" and then second, to open the seam and press it flat.  Ms. Susan just seems to just open the seam to press.  Is it the accepted way now?  Also, she states "Don't be afraid to sew over pins."  I was taught to always remove pins as you come to them and not to sew over them.  The reasons being safety (broken pin or machine needle could fly up and hit you) and damage to the machine from a broken pin or machine needle scratching the sole plate and/or needle h***, or a broken piece getting into the bobbin case, causing damage.

Of course, I learned to sew about 50 years ago, and have been away from sewing for 20 years, so I could easily by very out-of-date.  I am trying to update and refresh my old skills, and would appreciate any insight.

Thank you!

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