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Hand Sewing: No More Tangled Thread - Tips from the National Sewing Circle

One of the biggest annoyances of hand sewing is ending up with tangled thread. Leah Rybak gives us a helpful tip to help prevent this problem in this video.

Hand Quilting: Heirloom Design & Technique

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Comment by Karen on November 30, 2014 at 12:21pm

I only started using Beeswax on my thread a couple of years ago, but I read you should run the iron over the thread to melt it in.  Where did I read that?  Oh yes, in this little booklet called "Fix your Clothes" by Raleigh Briggs which I bought here

Fix Your Clothes

After running the thread through the wax a couple of times, she says "Next, run over your thread with a warm iron to melt the wax into the thread.  This might seem fussy, but the ironing is important - it removes any waxy residue and creates a strong, tangle-free thread with plenty of glide."  I've done it like that ever since.


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