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How to Sew a Yoga Mat Bag with Pockets - Bonus Free PDF Pattern

Recycle your old pants or jeans into this a carrying bag for your Yoga mat.

Fabric / used khaki pants
Measuring tape
Sewing machine ( ) & coordinating thread
Shoe string
Cord stop
Safety pin

Optional Materials:
Ribbon instead of shoe string or strap

Iron & ironing board

Cut Fabric Dimensions:
Main Panel: 17 by 30 inches
Pocket: 17 by 12 inches
Strap: 35 by 5 inches

Bottom circular panel: 6.09 inch diameter circle. I have included a downloadable PDF with the exact circle pattern that I used in the video.
Please print this PDF "Actual Size"

How to calculate cut fabric size diameter for a circular bottom.
17 inches cut width minus 1 inch for seam allowances = 16 inch finished bag size circumference.
16 / pi = 5.0929 + 1 (for seam allowance) = 6.0929 = new diameter. Using my word processing software, I created a circle with an exact diameter of 6.09 inches.

Summary of instructions:
1. Cut fabric to dimensions as specified.
2. Undo cuff of pants, one leg only.
3. Sew strap and turn. Iron strap right side out.
4. Straight stitch or add decorative stitching to the top of the pocket and sides of the strap.
5. Sew a buttonhole into the top cuff
6. Pin pocket in place and baste stitch in place
7. Sew divider for the pocket(s)
8. With right sides facing in, sew along the long edge with a ½ inch seam allowance.
9. Turn inside out
10. Sew strap aligning with bottom seam
11. Sew strap and finish top channel, sewing beneath the button h*** to create the channel.
12. Turn inside out again
13. Pin & sew bottom panel with a ½ inch seam allowance.
14. Turn so that good side is now facing out
15. Thread shoestring around top channel with a safety pin
16. Add cord stop

For serger users:

Step 6: Instead of baste stitching the pocket onto the main panel, I serged along the bottom and 2 long sides of the main panel while attaching the pocket. I also serged around the bottom circular panel before attaching it in Step 13.

FYI: The khaki pants I used in this video had grease stains on the leg, near the cuff (which you can clearly see in the video).

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