Nancy Zieman and the Absolute Best Way to Sew with Metallic Thread

Ever wonder what to do with all those extra stitches on your machine? Add an expensive-looking flourish to your handmade garments with metallic thread and decorative stitching.

Metallic thread doesn't have to be scary. We'll show you the best (and easiest!) way to sew with this specialty thread—no twisting, no tearing, and no shredding.

Follow along as we embellish a Simple Elegant Tee—a fast and glamorous top you'll love sewing many times over.

This technique works well on your standard home sewing machine or your embroidery machine.

MATERIALS: • The Thread Director
• Metallic thread
• Metallic needles
• Wash-Away Self-Adhesive Avalon Fix Stabilizer
• A favorite garment pattern and fabric, etc.

Find the Thread Director here:

Find the supplies you need here:

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