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"Need a sewing rescue? Nancy shares ideas to get you out of a pinch. She enlists household items to create unusual and reliable solutions to make your sewing, quilting, pressing, and pattern cutting go faster and easier. Also learn novel ways to organize sewing and quilting supplies." Subscribe:

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Key Points in this VIDEO Tutorial:

① Did you realize there are handy devices all around the house that can help streamline your sewing and get great results? ② Whether you are an accomplished seamstress or a beginner sewer, you'll find oodles of ingenious and practical tips.

③ Simplify the steps to cutting out patterns using commonplace items, like washers from the hardware store, and painter's tape.

④ Learn how ordinary household items such as pipe cleaners, spare change, and a pedicure supplies have alternative uses for sewing.

⑤ Eliminate pressing dilemmas with a night light, a remnant of netting, cardboard from a cereal box, and an outdated magazine.

⑥ Enlist non-traditional items—magnets, a grapefruit spoon, and a pool noodle--to make quilting tasks go more easily and quickly.

⑦ Organize your sewing room and keep important sewing notions in easy reach with unconventional items, like wooden craft sticks and drinking straws.

⑧ Cutting Edge Pattern Cutting Tips.

⑨ Streamlined Sewing Tips.

⑩ Novel Pressing Tips.

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