See SewGrip gloves demonstrated. They apparently reduce hand fatigue when sewing and stuffing pillows.

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Comment by christine on October 28, 2009 at 7:11pm
i'm interested in these!
Comment by Susan on October 26, 2009 at 1:48pm
Comment by Gail Romiti on October 22, 2009 at 3:14am

I invented Sewgrip(r) sewing gloves. They are a productivity tool designed for Taylors and/or seamstresses to more easily manipulate pins and needles for a grip without slippage as well as hold improved tension on your fabrics for evenly feeding materials into sewing machines better and faster than the bare hand.

Sewgrip(r) is a nylon knitted glove with polyurethane dipped fingertips. The reason for the two bare fingers are for craft person to maintain natural and artistic contact with materials. When sewing dust particles from fabric clogs pores making fingers slippery - Sewgrip(r) polyurethane fingertips covering the controlling fingers: pointer, middle finger and thumb reduce wasted motion grabbing pins, needles and fabric your first try.

You can stuff a pillow - better yet use Sewgrip(r) while doing upholstery. Sewgrip(r) protects your fingers from chaffing and bruising as you stretch materials.

Sewgrip(r) may benefit carpel tunnel and fatigue related injuries but was intended for the efficiency of making stuff faster with better control.

SEW enjoy your creative journey!


PS. Susan, I can't your locate your contact information on this website... Please contact me, I'd be glad to have FaEdmunds my representing manufacturer mail you a free pair of Sewgrip(r) for actual hands on review. Hopefully then benefit of Sewgrip(r) will become apparent. Additionally, I have another sewing invention that I'm currently working on and would love to share a prototype with you...

PPS. I love LOVE your website and plan to post some informative videos while using my sewing tools.

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